Image of 'EXI' LP -- Clear Vinyl -- Limited Edition

'EXI' LP -- Clear Vinyl -- Limited Edition


LOVE INKS 'EXI' (Republic of Music)

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1. Shoot 100 Panes of Glass
2. Dawn /Poem
3. Don't Hear That
4. Exi
5. Way Out
6. New West
7. Sky Machine
8. Regular Lovers
9. Text Message
10. Spirit Communication

Minimalist Austin trio Love Inks are set to release third album Exi on Monday, September 8, via Republic Of Music. Across ten tracks, Love Inks cut a sleek, hushed form with frontwoman Sherry LeBlanc's smooth, subdued vocals gliding over barely-there guitar chords and metronomic drum pads. Exi follows the release of second album Generation Club just under a year ago and is billed as a "return to that minimal sound and aesthetic that fans discovered with their debut back in 2011".
-The Quietus